Make life with a Tesla even better.

Add driving history, voice control, automations and more.

Have the app? Get the skills.

Built from the ground up for security and privacy.

Keep a complete driving history. Automatically.

Browse and explore drives with maps, graphs, highlights, energy costs and more.

Use your Tesla for work? Export all of your drives for tax expensing and accounting—complete with times, destinations and mileage.

Record all charging.

Keep a complete record of every charging session. See locations, charging rates, energy costs and more.

Monitor battery health.

Maximum battery capacity and range decrease with usage. Tessie keeps track and lets you see battery health at a glance.

Get smart notifications.

Like when you forget to plug in, or if it's about to rain while your windows are open.

Voice control your Tesla from anywhere.

Heat up the car. Open the frunk. Close the garage. From your phone, wrist or living room TV.

Use Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa to control your Tesla from any device.

Automate your Tesla.

Get the car ready automatically after your alarm goes off. Turn on Sentry at a certain time. Or anything else.

For Shortcuts on iOS and Google Assistant everywhere.